Which Looks Cooler?

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Each unit does give the truck the air that something incredible is lurking under the hood.

The Magnuson is very understated. Thats going to be their calling card, until you hit the gas. Here are the two grills side by side.

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The RIPP unit is more "in your face". You could walk by the MAG and not think there was anything special going on. Complete Sleeper.

With RIPP you can tell a mile away that your not dealing with the normal JK. There is a monster living under the hood. And that intercooler is the only warning you can see from a distance.

Here are the full noses.

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As far as picking a winner here, its going to come down to your personal taste. However for overall coolness, the victory in this category goes to RIPP

Coolness Winner: RIPP


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    The Maggie looks like an A/C unit. The Ripp looks B/A. That said I would most likely spray them black to keep it low profile from thieves. I had a GMC Typhoon back in the day. It used the water to air. The unit needed lots of airflow to not get hot. The faster guys switched to air to air for drags and high speed stuff. I am looking forward to how it holds up during your first summer. I am betting on the air to air having cooler intake temps when your running in traffic. Plus the Blower is right on top of the engine where the ripp is in the air flow from the radiator. It is going to be interesting.