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These are Black Betty's tires at the time of this posting.

We HAD to go to 37s to show them crammed into a 2.5 inch lift. I was terrified of losing the power we had gained with the RIPP supercharger. I searched high and low for the lightest mud terrain tire, and the second thing I was looking for was sound, followed by ride quality. These do not disappoint in any of those categories.

Here we go -

MUD - Its the KM2's natural habitat. These things fling mud all day long. Nothing seems to stick. I dont live in the mud, but when I have been in it, I've never gummed them up. AND Im not hard on the throttle.

SNOW - They are not snow tires, but I have driven to Maine in a blizzard and they never slipped. For fun I would toss the truck in deep snow, and never once was she stuck. You cant drive like a fool on any mud tire in snow and icy conditions, but if you drive it like you know your wearing mud tires, and are careful, They could be 4 season tires. We got about 50 inches of snow overall in NJ this past winter, and I never wished for snow tires. The KM2s handled the poor conditions admirably.

RAIN - Also very good. They have large voids, so hydroplaning isnt really a concert, the lugs get pressed to the pavement under the weight of the truck and the voids spill the water out the sides. Wet traction is very good.

SOUND - This is where the KM2 stands alone. So much research has gone into the development of the tread pattern that they can be one of the most aggressive mud tires available, but STILL are very quiet. They were silent up to my first tire rotation, now I hear them a little, but only when I'm trying to hear them.

RIDE - You will feel the lugs when you slow to a stop sign, but you get used to it quickly and its in no way jarring. That is a tiny downside to the incredible highway manners these Mud Terrains offer. 7 hour road trip? No problem. I did one in January (7 hours 1 way) and on the way back, I did the first 5 hours before turning the controls over to the co-pilot. I could have done the whole 7 hours at once. Its a joy to cruise on them, as at speed they behave excellently.

BRAKING - This was a surprise. I assumed with the large voids and big lugs, this would be the category that would the KM2 would fail. And if I had to guess, without experience with the tires, I would guess this would not be their strong suit. HOWEVER. I was in a situation on the 37 inch KM2s where I had to jam the brakes, and they bit the pavement like I couldn't believe. They really saved Betty's paint job. I was certain i was going to plow into a car in front of me that had been cut off and jammed his brakes. (and I was probably driving faster than I should have been.)


If you want big tires, these are the tires. Yes they are a little more expensive. But tires are a mod that you feel every time you drive. On road, off road. Tires are always under scrutiny. Power? if you want to keep as much as you can, you need to keep the tires as light as possible. The lightest 37" tire available? The KM2.

Everything Really.

They are expensive.

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    I haven't had mine in the snow yet. I have 35's. I will second everything you said so far. I live in SoCal and we have some seriously sharp rocks here. The one thing I have noticed is that the knobs are chunking some compared to what my MTRK's did. But for the most part I have had them on some pretty fought trails and triple digets in the dirt. So far they work great. I have a 13 auto with 4.56's and it accelerates better than it did with the 32's and 3.73's. I have 10K on them now.