Wireless winch remotes

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We live in a dynamic time. This is no longer the world you grew up in. Nowadays lesbians can be pretty, presidents can be black, and winches can be controlled wirelessly. Yeah, I said it, wirelessly! Now while this news is not actually as groundbreaking as i make it sound, it doesn't appear to be common knowledge either. I rarely see another wireless remote on the trail, and when I take mine out it is often to a chorus of confusion and admiration. It is for that reason that I have decided to post a review of my Warn wireless winch remote. If you are interested in the next generation of winching read on; if you would prefer the archaic winching methods of yesteryear, then you may be better served reading up on the dodo bird as your recovery habits may share the same fate.

The Warn wireless winch remote (PN 90287), has been one of the single greatest upgrades to my recovery arsenal. Freeing yourself from the confines of the common 12' winch remote cord is Priceless. Actually it's about $120.00 but it seems to me a small price to pay. And here's why:

Safety. The remote has a working range of 50' allowing you to operate your winch far from harm's way should you or any of your knuckle dragging wheeling buddies still be using steel winch cable. Or perhaps you've stepped into the light and are running synthetic line but you were shitfaced when you finished up the welds on your winch mount and your pretty sure it's gonna rip off the front of your Jeep like a pair of panties at a Ja Rule concert. Either way, you'll be safe.

Versatility. Use it in the cab while you pilot your rig without having to wrap that stupid wire around your mirror three times to keep from running it over. Use it as intended, while you supervise your recovery from the perfect vantage point. Or, use it to impress your soon to be girlfriend. While its not shiny, it is small and expensive and she will love you for it. Why? Because no one else has one. Think of the first guy you knew to have a DVD player and tell me he didn't have ladies coming over constantly to watch movies that they didn't have to rewind. Same principle.

Mobility. This is where the wireless remote produces the greatest amount of juice per squeeze . If you've ever had to do your own rigging on the trail during a complex recovery you know how much work it can be. Multiple pulls, multiples anchors, multiple vehicles. Tension here, slack there, re-adjust this change that, and on and on and on. This remote travels with you for all of it and is instantly at the ready eliminating the need to continuously travel back to your vehicle. This is particularly helpful in difficult terrain especially when said terrain is waist deep. As well, if you happen to be wheeling with the "less gifted" you can reduce your dependency on them with this one simple tool. With the wireless remote in your hand you retain power and control over the whole operation no matter where you are.

Usability. It is small, light and easy to use. It has a safety feature that prevents accidental engagement and a time delay automatic shutoff to preserve the battery. Speaking of battery, I've routinely used mine for over three years and never changed it, although it will indicate a low charge with a red led light.

The last word. If you can afford a Jeep, and you can afford a compatible winch, then you can't afford not to have a wireless winch remote. It's as liberating as watching porn on your cell phone. There is not a single legitimate downside to this product and I can't for the life of me think of a reason not to own one. So, unless you were home schooled and not able to make sense of all these black little scribbles- go get yourself a wireless winch remote.