Magnuson S/C Clean-up

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OK, here goes. I'm no Usless Pickles or JeepLab so please forgive my poor blogging skills. I have a 2013 JKU with 3.6 Pentastar and a Magnuson Supercharger. I've been running it for about 10k miles and I have been experiencing some of the "tune" issues that others here have experienced too. I'm going to start working through the issues and hope to blog the process here.

To start with I'm going to clean up the PCV system. Why, because recently I discovered that the vacuum from the s/c is strong enough to collapse the PVC hose from the install kit. At the same time the make-up air elbow that connects the make-up air line to the valve cover is easily kinked when installed per instructions. The kink can (and likely does) limit make-up air. When the PCV system doesn't function properly and/or flow freely the intake air-fuel charge becomes inconsistent which would make a tuner's job quite difficult.

Just as important as making the system work right is enhancing it. I'm going to install a "catch can" which most of you are probably familiar with. The catch can is designed to remove oil from the vented crankcase gases so that the oil doesn't get routed through the $6k supercharger I bought. Oil in the PCV suction line will again, alter the air-fuel mix and make a tuner's job difficult. It will also settle on parts and gunk them up.

After I get the PCV system improved I'm headed to a tuner for a dyno pull and graphing - then a custom tune - then a final dyno run and results graph for comparison.


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    To start with a picture of the lines I'm going to change if someone will show me how to insert pictures that I take in my posts.

    The catch can I purchased is from Billet Technologies.

    I am planning on using 1/2 inch stainless tubing and hard fittings like this next picture. I will use flexible terminations at the block and inline as needed to keep the overall installation flexible for everyday driving wile eliminating as much variation in PCV flow.

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    From now on I'll preview before I post and check my spelling.

    I'm going to custom bend the tubing and bead or flair the ends as needed. The tools I'll use are a Rigid tubing bender:

    And an Aircraft Tool Supply tube beading set:

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    BTW, if you are skeptical about the need for a catch can just remember that we are running 5W20 fully synthetic (I hope!) motor oil which is very easily picked up and moved around.

    Here's pic of a working can:

    I, for one, don't want the risk or reality that oil is passing into my supercharger!