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    Prodigy Performance 3.6 Turbo DIY Install

    Welcome to my DIY install thread for the Prodigy performance turbo kit for the 3.6 Pentastar (2012+) Wrangler!

    I am not a mechanic. I have no training. I just have basic tools, a few non-basic tools, basic DIY experience, general mechanical understanding of how things work, a desire to make stuff happen, and the ability to follow directions.

    This first post is reserved to be updated to contain general summary/FAQ info, as well as a "table of contents" list of links to specific milestones or posts of interest later in this thread.

    Table of Contents
    (links to specific points of interest within this thread)

    Turbo Sounds! (stage 1)

    Pictures! (stage 1)

    Pictures! (stage 2)

    Turbo Sounds! (stage 2)

    More Turbo Sounds! (stage 2, Precision turbo upgrade)

    Turbo on the Sand Dunes! (stage 2, Precision turbo upgrade)
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    After much waiting, my turbo kit arrived today! Let's jump straight into unboxing pics!

    Small box is marked as 22 pounds on the shipping label, and the large box is marked as 64 pounds.


    The small box contains only the turbo itself.

    The big box contains everything else:

    Air filter:

    Exhaust pipes from the engine to the turbo:

    Exhaust pipes from the turbo back to the OEM "cat-back" system. Downpipe and catalytic converter:

    The air charge pipe and silicone couplers, between the turbo and the throttle body.

    Various hoses (oil return line, heater hoses, etc):


    MAP sensor and fuel injectors:

    Diablosport InTune. Literally a "handheld" tuner!

    Nicely organized and labeled bags of smaller parts:

    And for the fun of it, we temporarily (and loosely) pre-assembled the major components to get a general overview of how it all connects:

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    Beautiful! More! More!

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    This deserves a sticky....

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    Can't wait to see the install and see how much power you get!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeepLab View Post
    This deserves a sticky....
    That's what she said...

    You guys will have to remain patient. My main focus will be to work through the install and get some seat time. I'll be taking lots of pictures along the way and keeping notes, but I'd rather get through the install quickly and smoothly than take time away from it to post updates :-p

    I also have a family event this weekend and a wedding anniversary to celebrate. All this together means that it could be a while before I have a chance to gather/organize my thoughts and sift through pictures to post all the nitty gritty details. In the meantime, I'll at least find time to post some general updates

    I spent several hours last night reviewing the contents of the kit and the install guide, mentally walking through the install and making a list of additional items I need to obtain before beginning the install. I think I'm mentally prepared now. Now I just need to stop at a few stores after work to pick some things up and try to get to bed early so I can be well rested for a long day of installation tomorrow.

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    You have no choice but to call in sick when a turbo is at the door!

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    Didn't add the blanket?

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    That wast gate is amazing looking!

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    Do you have a phone that has an time delay video feature App on it like" ilaspe" ?
    Yon set it & forget it while it makes time delayed shots...

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