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    Hi, first post (so interested).

    Looks like they have changed the turbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepsking View Post
    Hi, first post (so interested).

    Looks like they have changed the turbo.
    Welcome! Good to have you.

    Pickles is out in front on the Turbo, he's pretty good with updates, and should be working today...

    Cant wait to see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepsking View Post
    Looks like they have changed the turbo.
    What part looks changed?

    I did not finish the install today. That's what happens when you're not a seasoned professional with all the know-how and a fully stocked shop.

    I put about 10 hours into it today and basically got up the the point where I'm about to actually start doing exciting stuff like removing factory exhaust and installing the main turbo components. Don't expect any updates tomorrow, because I'll be spending quality time time with my wife in celebration of our 10 year anniversary.

    General feedback so far is that working on cars is a pain in the butt

    * Those phillips head plastic clips holding the air dam on are a pain. Probably took me a half hour just to get the thing off. I eventually just drilled the last 2 out (which was still more difficult than expected). I'll buy replacements later.

    * Draining the radiator is a mess. And it drains slowly.

    * Removing coolant hoses is a pain. Especially hoses that still have some coolant in them.

    * Those plastic barbed anchored zip-tie things that hold hoses and wiring everywhere are a paint to pop out.

    * The plastic barbed push-in clips that hold the inner fender liner are a pain to remove. I ended up giving up on one and cutting the head of it off with side cutters.

    * The plastic clips that secure the fuel line connector to the fuel rail are flimsy and have no obvious correct removal technique. I broke them. Have to buy the fuel line just to get the clips, and it was on back-order locally. Dealer could place a special order from an out-of-state warehouse for no additional cost, but it wouldn't get here until next Wednesday or Thursday. I had the option to pay an extra $13 for overnight shipping, but I missed the cut-off time, so it ships tomorrow. No weekend deliveries, so it arrives on Monday. Afterwards, when it was time to reconnect the fuel line, I decided to attempt a ghetto fix with duct tape and a zip tie holding the broken clips snugly in place. IT WORKED! I think. I'll find out for sure when I start the engine if there's no fuel leak there. It was at least secure enough that I couldn't pull the fuel line off. It just might hold me over til next week when I get the replacement.

    Basically, all aspects of disassembly of original parts on the vehicle are a pain. All aggravation and cursing today was caused my attempting to remove OEM parts.

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    That plastic front air dam has no business being there. Complete garbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeepLab View Post
    That plastic front air dam has no business being there. Complete garbage.
    Agreed on the air dam.

    with the inner flares etc, you just yank the xmas trees and keep it moving. Don't worry about breaking them, you can get a bag of them cheap and put in new ones for a tight fit. Ive never liked re-useing plastic bits, they never feel the same after the first time you pull them out.

    10 hours is a long time to work and not get to the meat and potatoes of the install, but better to take your time and make sure everything is right rather than screw up some small detail and have to take everything apart again. That is a nightmare.

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    Can't wait to see this completed and get his honest feeling on a turbo. I'm saving for a Magnuson SC right now. My gutt says, do what the German's do (sorry, I'm an Audi fan.) Audi puts screw type SC's on their V6's instead of turbo's (and I believe they only use Eaton SC's, just like Magnuson uses.) My A4 has the turbo, and while they are fun, they do take longer to spin up. When I drive my Audi after driving my Jeep, I notice just HOW LONG it takes the turbo to spin up. Don't get me wrong, I get to 60 mph faster, but the Jeep is more fun off the line even without a SC/Turbo. I'm sure Prodigy tuned the Jeep so the turbo hits faster in a V6 than it does in a V4, but the reality is, you still need enough exhaust gas to get that sucker going and that turbo looked HUGE in his pics. Most German vehicles with V6's go with smaller twin-turbo's so they spin up quicker.

    As a side note... I love all the supercharger/turbo comments I read over the years where people say "and I'm getting better gas mileage." Really, better gas mileage out of a device who's soul purpose in life is to put more air into the cylinder so you can add MORE gas for a larger explosion? If you are getting better mpg out of adding a device like this, or chipping a device that already has one (like I did with my Audi) then you simply are not driving it correctly. You're suppose to be driving it like a bat-at-o-hell

    BTW... JEEPLAB... Where is that side-by-side zero to 60 drag race video of your RIPP and Manguson Jeep's? The other vid's with the lap timers are nice and all, but I want to see a side-by-side race of those suckers...
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    Well. The anti surge ports on compressor inlet of the turbo. Thats what they changed

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    Anti-surge ports and polished compressor housing are upgrade options. The kit is not designed to require the anti-surge ports, so there is no performance benefit to them. They simply offer the options for appearances.

    Btw. The 10 hours of work included a lunch break, time spent gathering tools and setting up my work area, nearly 2 hours of driving around to the dealer to order a replacement fuel line and to other stores to get other stuff I needed. Then there was also the general "slow and steady" approach.

    I had a lucky break. My fuel line got ordered from a Denver warehouse which is 2 hours behind me. It met their shipping cutoff time and the overnight shipping got it delivered this morning!

    Things are falling into place to complete the install tomorrow.

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    Aha. Didn't know that. Hope u get everything soon. Wish u All the best with ur install and no more issues

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    Good luck man, hope it's a smooth install

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