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    Pentastar + RIPP SuperCharger = SUPERSTAR?

    This is one of my favorite threads. Worked on it for a year. Started it in March of 2013

    Yep Its Done.

    Only 2 others in existance. Both auto. Ripp's and Rockstar's.

    The only 6-Spd RIPP SuperCharged Pentastar JK in the world is in my garage.

    I want to thank Ross and the guys from RIPP for all the work. I hung out with them for a few hours, they are all very cool. Same vibe i got at Rock Krawler with Justin and the boys up in NY state. Knowledgable jeep guys, who dont mind explaining the stuff that I didn't understand going in. Im not a mechanic, so sometimes my questions might sound silly, but these guys were happy to explain in detail, not bothered by my entry level understanding of superchargers.

    Here are the stats on Black Betty.

    12 JKUR
    315 Duratracs
    2.5 X-Factor Rock Krawler Lift
    6 Spd
    4.10 Gears.
    No Exhaust Mods at this time.

    Drove it for the first time today. It is very fast. The boys at ripp installed it, so im going to get more involved explaining the installation later. Suffices to say, the install was done in one day, then the dyno passes began. I'll post the before and after dyno numbers as soon as I dig up the pictures.

    Here is the short version so far. Ross from RIPP is pulling my truck off the dyno for a test drive, motions to me to get in. I'm freaking out with delight, as I had tried to stay out of his way for the last hour while he was dialing it in on the dyno. I jump into the passenger seat, ready to fire 1000 questions.

    The first question that comes out regarding the prototype supercharger set up. "So do I have to be careful with this thing?" I asked. Ross looks at me with a smirk, and then turns down a deserted alley, "watch this" then floors it. I can hear the WHHIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRR of the SuperCharger spinning. I was knocked back into my seat. He chirped the tires, with a hard shift into second, then to my amazement, CHIRPED THEM AGAIN going into 3rd!

    He was showing me that the "Prototype" that I had was not delicate or fragile. He explained that the dyno runs he had been doing for the last 2 days were harder on the system than anything I was going to do to it on the road.

    I drove it home on the NJ turnpike where I could open it up, but didnt get too aggressive with it. Ill give you guys my thoughts after I drive it cold tomorrow.

    Overall im impressed so far. but ive only driven it a short distance and really haven't gotten on it.....Yet.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    also, im copyrighting the term "SuperStar" for this engine configuration.


    Heres a vid from RIPP with their 12 JKUR on the dyno. You can see Black Betty peeking in the window in the background.

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    Ok, Here is a pic of the screen, but the "Tune" isnt done. What I mean by that is that I have numbers, but they are conservative prototype numbers.

    This is not the finished product you'd get from Ripp, but i couldnt keep my mouth shut after driving it. Had to share it with the family!

    This is all going on with EJS approching, so we were under serious time constraints. I got the truck to RIPP last Monday evening, so they had less than 8 days to install and alpha test the system in the Manual Trans Pentastar, before I had to leave for moab.

    So Ross(RIPP) gets his hands on the truck at 5, throws it on the dyno because im pestering him about how i want to show the before and after, etc. He did a "Running Pass" and we got -

    215 HP
    190 TQ

    Yesterday, Before he took me on that test drive after install and a ton of dyno passes -

    312HP consistantly
    270 to 280 TQ

    Now, let me remind you, this is halfway through the tune, These are conservative numbers. I have to bring it back on monday so he can finish dialing it in. I insisted on taking it for the weekend because we have a bumper to install, and im only half done with those lights you see.

    RIPP hopes for more power than this when we're done.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The supercharger is a Vortech

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The "BEFORE" Dyno

    Here are my before dynojet numbers. SAE, im around 205 whp

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are my feelings about it, not official word from RIPP-

    Im not sure if my perception is unique or not, or if the 3.8 is different from the 3.6 in this respect, but I feel like they talk about superchargers as being bolt on and easy to go back to stock. What that means is that you can install this system easily. And for the amount of power vs time to install its VERY EASY. We took longer to install the lift. But the going back to stock isnt so clear. You can change the belt and the truck will drive like stock. Thats true and easy and quick.

    But thinking your going to just unbolt the supercharger to bring your truck to the dealer for a problem wouldn't be so easy. This thing is really shoehorned in, and there are places where you need to trim a little to fit the pipes through to the intercooler and the hoses in and out of the supercharger are modded. Also the coolant bottle is replaced.

    So if you were to take it out, there would still be evidence that it was there if a mechanic smelled a rat and investigated the engine bay.

    At the same time, I researched the hell out of the 3.8 Gen II supercharger kit for complaints and only found one guy with AUTO transmission problems out of over 2200 kits on the road. Ross(RIPP) got his start over a decade ago, when he was working on a mod for a client and installed an after market supercharger (obviously not a RIPP) and wasn't happy with the quality of the product. He is a fanatic about driveability and durability over power.

    My truck could make 360 horsepower with this same system calibrated differently, but would drive like crap. The plan is to use the supercharger to mimic a larger displacement engine, not click on like a turbo. Thats why RIPP and diablo have to do 800(kidding, but not really) dyno passes to make it the way they want it.

    This is a whole new ball game with new engine, but I couldn't resist the power. Driving it now, I wouldn't give it back and i don't think I'd be able to live without one in the future. Also remember, Im a psychopath about my truck. I wrapped every inch of it in xpel ultimate healing wrap because I never wanted to see a swirlmark in it. I dont accept "its a jeep", F THAT. I expect it to be perfect. Not a scratch not a blemish anywhere, and I wheel hard. I wouldn't have handed my baby over if i hadnt done the reasearch and trusted the people I gave it to. ESPECIALLY FOR BETA TESTING.

    That being said, I have no idea about warranty concerns with it. I have the extended warranty on my truck, and unless its clearly a supercharger induced problem, which im not expecting even with an untested prototype, Id bring it to the dealer as is.

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    I'm driving right now just pulled over to update you guys.

    The power is there early in the RPM, and it builds power steeply as the RPMs climb.

    It's clearly meaner than stock up to 3k RPM, then all out ferocious anywhere above that.

    I have a grin from ear to ear as I press the gas.

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    I got the truck back after a final tune on tuesday. So its not like ive had it every day since this thread started. Today was the first chance I got to test it out after Ripp took my info from the weekend and tuned it further.

    First the all out power is obvious. Far more obvious than any mod Ive done before. You want power? its always waiting. Begging me to press the pedal. Couple of open car lengths to the next car on the highway? not anymore. Add this power to the RK xfactor suspension and their RRD racing shocks and my Jeep has become a sports car.

    Thats what you all expected right?

    Here's what you might not have expected. The overall feel of the truck has changed. The air waiting at the engines mouth everytime it breaths makes the jeep in the zone I live in, 1000 to 3000 RPM, feel LIGHTER.

    The throttle response is so quick, I have to be more gentle with the gas pedal. If I touch it too quickly the truck will leap forward. Im used to the pentastar with weight all over my truck. Now it feels like my truck has gone on a strict diet.

    Everything it does is effortless, where as before i could feel the weight of my truck.

    Drag Racing-

    Would my truck smoke a hemi? I'll have to find one to find out. I would be shocked if it didnt. I think i have more power at the wheels than a 5.7 hemi. (if anyone knows for sure let me know if they make more than 315 at the wheels)

    The Hemi might jump out to a very early lead while I get through the powerband, but once in the sweet spot, Im pretty sure the "SuperStar" (supercharged pentastar) would slingshot past.

    Is it way better than the stock pentastar? yes. In every possible way. It feels like a new engine. ESPECIALLY if your jeep is weighed down. I assume a stock JK with a supercharger would be an absolute rocket.

    Auto trans- RIPP gives you Auto guys new shift points. So the truck is shifting when an how they want it to for optimum feel, drivability, and power.

    With the manual, You will find yourself shifting a little later at first because you want to listen to the thing suck air. (it sounds soo cool). But once your past that, you find, that even in the lower RPM zone, its more comfortable to drive than before, and the lightness of it, I think would make long trips less exhausting.

    I think I'll drive it to utah to find out.

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    Sound Byte

    Here's a soundbyte

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    This was a great thread. Seems to me that some head to head supercharger testing is comin up.

    I assume the magnuson thread will be posted here next?

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