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    RockKrawler joints.

    So I recently replaced my rear crawler joints on Tonka.what a world of difference.

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    Did you replace with new Krawler joints or did you upgrade to their Monster Pros?

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    RockKrawler joints.

    I replaced my old system joint to there newest ones. they are way better design and they are greasable.

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    RockKrawler joints.

    im trying to put up pics but Its not letting me. lol

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    New krawler joints

    Joints before the instail.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20140828_173507.jpg  

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    Instailled joint pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20140828_185958.jpg  

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    are these pics from your phone? did you get the app to work?

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    Rexx19 they are from my phone but only some worked without an error and other problem is i can only post one at a time. that takes forever when u have like 20 to post.

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    only major problem i had was getting the old joints out of the control arms. but with a large monkey wrench and a large open end wrench on the jam nut i was able to break them free and get them out.

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    Yes they are very tight. I had to use a large crescent wrench and about a 15lb sledge plus my neighbors help. We placed the arms in a vise and almost broke the table it was attached to by the time we broke all 8 arms loose.

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