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    JW Speaker Lights Get Xpel Treatment

    I posted that I had the JW speaker lights at some point in the summer, but I wanted to protect the investment by Xpel wrapping them.

    A word about Xpel wrap. I love this stuff. Black Betty is completely wrapped in it. There is not an inch of her that is exposed. Snarf, saw her up close and now Jesse's Girl is also Xpel wrapped. Sweet pea is next. Her wrap is in my basement.

    The JW speaker lenses are poly carbonate, and should be pretty tough on their own, but I'm not taking any chances.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you going to bullet test these lights?

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    I just bought the JW Speaker, used them on a night ride in Holopaw, Florida.
    They were awesome, very clean white light.
    Absolutely amazing!
    I don't know of any other light that is even close to the quality of these lights.

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    Is the XPEL convex?
    How does it form evenly over the shape of the dome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2me View Post
    Is the XPEL convex?
    How does it form evenly over the shape of the dome?
    Its a flat circle when you take it out of the package. Then as you lay it on and press it down, it will stretch perfectly over the light. Once done, you cannot even see the xpel is there.

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    Where did you buy it?

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    Do they make one for the fog light Too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2me View Post
    Do they make one for the fog light Too?
    They make a complete kit for the JK that is headlight, fog light, and turn signals, but it will not fit the JW speaker headlight. JW fog and stock fog are the same. The standard stock fog film will fit the jw speaker fog.

    The JW speaker headlight requires a different pattern that is under development right now. (ill credit myself for that. lots of begging by me)

    If you want a set that is correct for the JW speaker, PM me. I will get you in contact with my friend over there. The standard JK headlight film will not fit the jw speaker headlight. We are using film from a harley motorcycle that we figured out was the same size, and it turned out to be dead on.

    Once they have a name and item number for fitting the JW speaker headlight i will post it.

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    I dont think you'd break that poly carbonate lens on the speaker light, with a rock from the road. I suppose its possible but unlikely.

    What may happen and we wont know for some time now, is weather or not the JW speaker lights will yellow and haze like pretty much every other headlight lens on earth will.

    Thats the beauty of this film. Its tough, yes, but better than that, its replaceable. Beat it up for 5 years, change it.

    Planning to sell your car? strip it, brand new lenses underneith. Buyers love that. makes a car look well cared for. That boost in resale alone will cover whatever these things cost.

    JL where is the pricing?

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    Part number h20405c

    The part number is H20405C

    You will have to call Xpel to purchase,

    this is the web address -

    phone Toll Free: (800) 447-9928

    I assume they will have it on the site soon where I can send a link and you can buy them online.

    That part number is just the JW Speaker headlamp. For the JW speaker fogs, you can use the standard Jeep fog light film Xpel will sell that to you also, Just ask for the jeep fog light film.

    I'll have my install video available shortly.

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