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    Magnuson Supercharger....New Tune....

    Hey Everyone!

    The rumor was true that Magnuson had a new tune available for their pentastar supercharger. We've had it for a day or two, and I just got the report back from Carolina Pete, Sweet Pea's owner.

    First I should say, that you cannot really judge a tune after driving for 1 day, so this is going to be on going. Here's what he told me today. Keep In mind SP is a manual trans.

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    Problems SP had originally were with cold start and surging on the highway, and generally acting weird in cases that were difficult to replicate on command.

    Meaning we'd feel a problem, then do the same thing over again, same RPM same conditions, and the problem wouldn't be there. A real pain when trying to report back to magnuson with a recorded issue. When we would find a problem, we would turn on the logger and recreate it to log it and send to mag.

    I have Pete testing now and he is happy so far, but its really to early to tell. He drove it today and told me it felt better immediately. But its going to take a few days to make sure that we can't make it stumble.

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    Pete likes the tune so far. I ve had him try to make it surge on the highway and it dosent. We have been looking for it to run rough after a cold start... dosent do that either.

    Further testing on going....

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    Of all the power mods, I like the mag the best. Their power curves tell the whole story. the achillies heel has been this tunning issue.

    Ive had the money burning a hole in my pocket for like a year now. I almost bought the turbo at one point, and RIPP at another. Thinking Mag was never going to get it together. Guess they had to eventually. Its great to see a new tune out with corrections. Sweet Pea is the missing JL jeep. BB (RIPP) is everywhere, JG (TURBO) presses BB for the top spot,

    JL give us more sweet pea!

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    Glad to hear the news. Hopefully this tune will be available to the rest of the Magnuson owners. Maybe it will solve the auto issues too, but I'm skeptical on that. Thanks for the update.

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    keep the updates coming. im tetering on the edge of pulling the trigger on a mag.

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    WHOA new text from PETE! "No surging, no glitches....VERY CLOSE TO 100%"

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    this is good news indeed. mag was out of the running for a while. kudos to them for not packing in the tent when things were not going their way. Now they are back in the ring!

    best power curve of all mods? yes.

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