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    The Exhaust Thread...

    Ive been shopping for an exhaust for MONTHS. Im exhausted!

    Who Im interested in -


    Whoever else you guys have some experience with and like. If you dont like them, i'd like to know too!

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    Since you have the RIPP posted I assume you are looking for one the moves the muffler to under the passenger compartment? I like my Pypes HGC system, although at lower highway speeds the drone is pretty loud. Acceleration seems improved and fuel mileage is up by 1 mpg around town. Not much difference in mileage on the highway. I am interested to hear RIPP's system, they claim to have a great sound when you get on it.
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    I don't think any of the exhaust systems have been shown to add power or MPG. I believe they simply change how the engine sounds. I haven't been in enough jeeps with exhaust systems to make a decision on which to buy for Jesse's Girl. The youtube sound bytes just don't do it for me. I want to hear it for myself; probably why I've been "thinking about it" for over a year.

    Don't discount AFE's systems - they are pretty darn nice.

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    Im kicking around the idea of custom pipes.

    I'm going to get a look at the RIPP exhaust when they get back in stock because I just HAVE to hear it up close.

    Who's got a magnaflow? Can we get a sound byte on it? And really does any exhaust not have drone?

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    x2 on a magnaflow review. Also, who's got a long arm? I think some have problems with the loop section. True?

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