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    33x12.5x15 Duratracs

    I finally upgraded my tires.

    33x12.5x15 Goodyear Duratracs on 15x8 Black Rock D-Window Alloy wheels (4" backspacing).

    Upgrading from the stock 29" street tires on 16" steel rims.

    Here's some before/after pics (all pics include AEV 2" spacer lift):

    click for full size

    click for full size

    click for full size

    click for full size

    When I re-calibrated the tire size with my Diablosport inTune, I found that the stock tires were setup as 28". I ended up setting it to 31" to get a perfect match between GPS speed and speedometer. I have the tires at 28 psi (based on recommendations I've found on forums).

    And here's some weight specs I found for stock wheel/tire combos compared to my new combo (in order of increasing total weight):

    Stock 16" wheel: 25 lbs
    Stock 28" street tire: 27 lbs
    Total: 52 lbs

    Stock 17" wheel: 24 lbs
    Stock 32" A/T tire: 36 lbs
    Total: 60 lbs

    Black Rock 15" D-Window wheel: 19 lbs
    33x12.5x15 Duratrac: 49 lbs
    Total: 68 lbs

    Stock 18" Sahara wheel: 27 lbs
    Stock Sahara tire: 44 lbs
    Total: 71 lbs

    Stock 17" wheel: 24 lbs
    Stock Rubicon tire tire: 48 lbs
    Total: 72 lbs
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    And here's what I did about the spare tire bumpers on the tailgate:

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    Are those 15s? Dura tracs are a great pic for your rig pickles, (you knew that)


    A guy who bought 2 turbos, puts steel wheels on. LOL. You should have forged 15s, and THEN your duratrac. They might float away.

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    I didn't put steel wheels on; I took them off!

    The stock wheels were steel. The new wheels are 15" alloy wheels - only 19 lbs.

    My new tire/wheel combo is lighter than both the stock Sahara and stock Rubicon setup

    And speaking of floating away... the wide tread and big sidewall should float on top of the sand at the sand dunes quite nicely. Can't wait to see how much more traction I have, and how much more turbo power I can put to use while climbing the dunes

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