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    RIPP vs. Magnuson...SuperCharger Shootout!

    You knew it was coming. Its finally here. We are going to turn these to SuperCharger heavy weights loose against one another in a battery of tests. Lets get to know the competitors.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Black Betty Ripp SuperCharged.jpg 
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Name:	Weld Racing 3.jpg 
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    Reigning Champ - Black Betty. She's and internet celebrity, been on the cutting edge of prototype gear for the last 2 years. She'll be representing RIPP SuperChargers in this all out throw down. She is a Rubicon Unlimited with 4.10 gearing and for the purposes of these tests, she will shed her 37'' KM2s in favor of BFG Kms 255/75r17. (stock Rubi tires)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sweet Pea Magnuson.jpg 
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Name:	sweet pea dyno 1.jpg 
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    The Challenger - Sweet Pea / Pea Soup'd. Yes she's got two names, one from us, and the other from one of our readers. She's essentially brand new. 2013 JKUR all stock everything....Except her Magnuson SuperCharger.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Superchargershootout.jpg 
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    Whats the difference? Two routes to the same end. MORE POWER. its widely known that there is really no way to add punch to your JEEP JK without taking drastic measures. We have done the dyno testing on intakes and exhausts. The sound changes, but not much else. If you really want to unleash the beast that is your pentastar JK motor, we are paving the road for you.
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    Which Looks Cooler?

    Each unit does give the truck the air that something incredible is lurking under the hood.

    The Magnuson is very understated. Thats going to be their calling card, until you hit the gas. Here are the two grills side by side.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Magnuson Intercooler.jpg 
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    The RIPP unit is more "in your face". You could walk by the MAG and not think there was anything special going on. Complete Sleeper.

    With RIPP you can tell a mile away that your not dealing with the normal JK. There is a monster living under the hood. And that intercooler is the only warning you can see from a distance.

    Here are the full noses.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Magnuson Intercooler 2.jpg 
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    As far as picking a winner here, its going to come down to your personal taste. However for overall coolness, the victory in this category goes to RIPP

    Coolness Winner: RIPP
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    We didn't install our RIPP unit, but we can pretty much see how it was done. We did the MAG unit ourselves in under 9 hours overall with an hour break in the middle.

    The RIPP install is the more invasive of the two. People say you can unbolt and go back to stock if you want. With the RIPP unit, its not quite that easy. there is some sections of the engine bay that need trimming to fit the pipes thru to the intercooler. You are not fixing that after the fact. So there will always be clues to anyone looking that the engine bay was modded at some point. The trimming isnt severe, but its there.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1070179.jpg 
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    You will also change the coolant bottle with the RIPP unit. Something else to hold on to if you thought you might uninstall in the future.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1070180.jpg 
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    Here's the finished product

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RIPP JeepLab.jpg 
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    The magnuson install is borderline easy, and less invasive. You will cut some hoses, but nothing that cannot be undone later. It does have a flaw however. When you install the coolant pump, you'll see its low in the engine bay. About the same level as the bumper. This pump is water "resistant" but not "waterproof". So its a consideration you have to be aware of off road. We think they will relocate it in the future, or change to a waterproof pump, but as of today, its not.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Magnuson PUMP.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1070150.jpg 
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    Installation Winner: Magnuson
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    Finally! Been waiting for this one....Subscribed!

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    This is a tough call. But since we are comparing out of the box units, I have to do it as it is.

    Ill tell you right out of the box, its RIPP by a mile. You can barely tell that the Magnuson unit is installed, as "out of the box" like we are talking here, you would put your stock intake back on. The stock intake silences the pentastar. Here are some soundbytes so you can see the difference from one unit to the other.

    Here's the RIPP's sound bytes

    First, here is the drive by sound. Black Betty sounds like a fighter jet on the road. The whistling pentastar sounds like a jet engine.

    ** Sweet Pea is in this video, but she is not supercharged at the time. We used her as the stock jeep.

    Heres another one

    Now for the Magnuson unit -

    Just for fun, to show how terrible the stock intake is for muffling the fantastic noises that the pentastar engine makes, here is a video we did for the AFE Pro Guard 7 intake. You can hear the difference immediatly, and this is just the intake.

    As far as crowning a winner with only the gear you get "out of the box" with your supercharger purchase, RIPP wins easily, once you put an intake on the Magnuson unit, it might be a completely different ball game. (ill do it for fun)

    Sound Winner: RIPP

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    after listening to those videos, we really have to get an intake on the Magnuson unit.

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    Is the snow melted there yet? I cant wait for you to post the side by side zero to 60s.

    Ive got my finger on the trigger for an SC.

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    Im going to wire the trucks up for the 0-60 this weekend both with the stock tires.

    The snow is melting. And it should be about 50 degrees.

    I need to figure out the weight differences between the trucks, as Betty is heavier and taller, Im going to put some extra weight in Sweet pea for an even test.

    I'll figure it out down to the ounce.
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    Whats the next category?

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    the 0-60 video is done, Im editing now. stay tuned.

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