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    Long time no post - time for a quick update

    Haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd toss up something small.

    I just added a hi lift jack to my Arb bumper. I was trying to figure out the best way to do this, something that would be strong and yet vibration free. I needed to lift my jack up a few inches above the mounts in the bumper so that they did not get in the way of the lights. After a bit of searching for various solutions on-line, I stumbled on the most brilliant, stupid simple solution ever. Boat Trailer Rollers! They come in different sizes, they are made of hard black rubber and they just happened to have the exact size I needed.

    So all it took was buy two 3.5" tall/wide boat rollers and then two 1/2" zinc plated bolts, nuts, SS washers and Mylon washers. I think out of pockets was maybe $15 in total? The boat rollers are awesome because they are soft enough that I'm not getting metal on metal rub and provide a little give to keep it from rattling away.

    I ended up going with the front bumper mount because though I can mount it in the back on my TeraFlex Accessory Carrier, I've chosen to use that to hold two 2-gallon Rotopax cans, one for gas and one for water. I'm still in the process of putting that all together but I might start a thread on that alone.

    I also considered mounting the hi lift jack inside on the back roll bar. I may still put it back there, I just haven't decided yet. Up in front it's nice and out of the way and easy to access, but I have heard that when you need it it's nice to pull a clean jack out versus taking off a dirty one. I also haven't completely decided if I like the look of the jack up on the front bumper. On one side, it looks sort of cool, then sometimes I'd prefer it not be there. I have to imagine that just like any upgrade I will once again loose yet another 1mpg but adding this up front and further disrupting whatever smooth flow of air is possible.

    Either way, thought it was worth sharing this very simple install for anyone that has an ARB front bumper.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice. Looks like a good alternative to hi-lifts mounted on the hood.

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