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    The SuperCharger Maintenance Thread

    Hey Everyone!

    JeepLab is your home for Jeep Power Mods. Not only how to pick, but how to take care of them.

    My RIPP SC is about 11k miles old now and you are supposed to change the oil every 7k miles. (supercharger oil).

    I do it every oil change. (3k miles) as I want it to last forever, and i push it to the limit almost every time i drive.

    I thought I'd post how I take care of it.

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    The oil change is easy. Is got a allen bolt in brass at the top of the SC. Easy to see when you look down. The bolt is attached to a dipstick. It clearly shows where the oil level is. No possible mistakes here.

    Ive never seen oil that looked bad in the SC i think its very easy on its own moving parts.

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    Next you get under the Jeep and find the coiled up oil line from the SC. Mine is zip tied, and I just cut the tie and un roll the line.

    It takes 2 wrenches to take the cap off. You have to hold the female side with one wrench when you twist the male side out.

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    Then let it drain obviously. I let it go till it stops on its own, then replace the male and female sections back together and coil it back up into the engine bay, and zip tie it.

    Then pour the new oil in

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    screw the stick back in and drive another 7k miles

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    This is good information for those of us that only dream of having a SC someday. At least the maintenance is super simple.

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    Show us the removal and cleaning of the air filter

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