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    hard to shift. (NEED HELP!!!!)

    I need help to find out why my 93 Cherokee sport 5 speed 4.0 6 cylinder is hard to shift I have a problem with first the most and reverse grinds but it don't happen right away if I'm running the jeep for a while then it happens not as soon as I start and drive around idk what it is or what to do I'm new to a jeep and fixing them

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    Hey bud, thanks for dropping in, unfortunately, my knowledge of jeeps is only 2012 and newer. I got the bug in 12

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    Could be a few things. I'm assuming it's an ax15 tranny. If your describing grinding going into gear that usually a sign of worn synchros. 2 could be the clutch on its way out or the slave cylinder isn't holding full pressure

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    I would check also the transfer case to know if it is stable or not.

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