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    North America's best camping chair

    The King Chair by outbound

    As jeep owners we spends thousands and thousands of dollars on our rigs making sure they will take us where we want to go with little thought to the items we will need once we get there. Lift, tires, lockers, armour, air, winch...check. Oh, and make sure to throw in that $9.00 camping chair from Walmart, the one that feels like its made out of tinfoil and flagger's tape. Well "F" that, not anymore.

    Enter the KING CHAIR by Outbound. Yes I caps locked it, because it's worthy of it. The King chair is the sturdiest piece of camping furniture I have ever had the pleasure to sit in. It has a rated capacity of 300 pounds. That's more than most aftermarket roof racks are rated for. This generous capacity means you'll never again sit down and have your ass burst through the seat of your chair. Nor will your chair suddenly buckle underneath you sending you and your freshly poured rum and coke to the ground. The king chair will readily handle the outbacks biggest men, it is also a great choice if your lady friend is nine months pregnant or maybe just fat. It has four sturdy legs that lock in place, solid arm rests and a comfortable seat and back. There is a cup holder and a storage pouch as well but I don't use them. You do not need to store things when you sit in a King chair; your servants will just bring them to you. As for the cup holder, you shouldn't be drinking slow enough to use it unless you are a pussy. If your a pussy, you don't need a King chair so it's a moot point.

    The King chair is not cheap out of the gate; it can usually be purchased for anywhere between $59.00 and $79.00. It's cost is offset by the fact that it may be one of the last camp chairs you ever buy. Unlike the bargain brand chairs that I typically had to replace every long weekend, the King chair has served me four straight summers without flinching. It is at home on uneven ground where lesser chairs routinely fail. It can also handle the soft stuff that would send those three legged jobber chairs to the mat for the ten count. This supremacy is achieved by the sturdy locking legs that spread load and add rigidity. Speaking of spreading load, the King chair has also been known to accommodate more than one user at a time if you fancy a lap-dance accompanied by hungry mosquitos and angry white rabbits. So sturdy and impervious is this chair, I have seen a 140 pound mastiff climb up into it and lay down without incident. For the record, the dog had no part in any or all alleged lap dances.

    If you want to rule the camp site after you've conquered the trail, get a KING CHAIR. It will change the way you sit around and get drunk.

    Edit: While this girl is obviously not in need of a King chair, I was testing uploading a photo and didn't want to post one of my cat or my '08 Hawaiian vacation.
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    The King chair comes in Royal blue, Forest green, Black and Red.

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    I'm partial to the Strongback Elite myself, but given your posted eye candy I will take a real hard the chair.

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    theres a chair in this thread?

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