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    Check to see if the intake air temperature sensor is plugged in. We have seen this issue (code p0113) several times in the past. The installer just forgot to plug it in.
    just a quick update, first, yes the issues was that it wasnt fully plugged in, thanks boosted1. so far i am still back and forth with sprintex to get the tune dialed just right. it is still a bit lower on mpg than i was hoping for at around 12.9 as of last calculated fill up (dash reading was 11.0 strangely). it seems to be doing a bit better since the most recent tune, but i still experience what i wouldnt exactly call "surging" as i understand it, but the power is not coming on smoothly, that is, not linearly responsive proportional to gas pedal position, as well as lag time between pedal and power. however, when you punch it and you feel it go to max power, its really quite fun. im still MOSTLY happy but id sure like it to be perfect.

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    can we get a sprintex sound byte?

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