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    Ram 1500 Outdoorsman

    Back at you all!

    Here is my 6 month review of the ram 1500 outdoorsman. First, I love the truck overall. but there are a few things a truck like this one should have and a correction that ALL rams need.

    Here is what I like -

    The transmission is fantastic. The truck is geared 3.92 with 31' wheels, and I thought for sure that it was over geared. But with this 8 speed tranny, it cruises like a champ and sill climbs and pulls like it needs to. This is what sold me the truck. Anyone trying to sell a 6 spd auto truck needs to get with the program. 8spd tranny. only option.

    Hemi Engine - plenty of power when you need it, but the traction is less fantastic. You can break the rear tires loose anytime you want. So the extra power may be ineffective at times. Its also thirsty. The 8spd tranny trys to keep the guzzling engine in check but with a heavy foot, the tranny loses the battle. GULP!

    Stuff I dont like -

    BRAKE PEDAL. OMG this is the worst part of this rig, and the reason my next truck will not be a ram. The brake pedal is a few inches higher than the gas pedal. So you have to lift your foot off the gas to step on the brake. The dodge guys tried to sell me a load of crap about this stating that its for men with large boots, so you dont hit the brake and the gas at the same time. Whatever BS they give me, if the next ram has it, Ill be driving something else.

    No Memory Seat- this is busch leauge in a 48k truck that touts its 38 way power driver seat (outdoorsman edition). My girl drives it, the babysitter drives it. If the driver seat is so fantastic, how about giving the driver the option to have it remember where he likes it after he has set it up on 20 different axis.

    Not so roomy - I got the crew cab, biggest configuration, and its pretty big inside, but Im 6'1" and i dont see how anyone larger than me could drive the truck for an extended period. I have the seat back as far as it can go, and I still barely fit.

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    I like the ram too. But i agree, the brake pedal is awful.

    I read somewhere someone cut it and re-welded it to be flat to the gas pedal. I'd never try that. but thats how much he didnt like it.

    You dont really realize it in the test drive. its that time you get stuck in traffic, then you want to mod it.

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